Satisfactory gets better when wetter – Steam version launching ‘soon’

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Sandbox factory building sim Satisfactory, has just received its third major update since releasing in early access through the Epic Games Store last year. The entire list of patch notes can be found here, but the list is incredibly long so we’ve done the legwork and compiled the best bits here in this article for you to read. But first let’s watch the pleasantly self-aware trailer for the new update:

Not since the unparalleled brilliance of the Super Mario Bros move has plumbing looked so exciting! Yes, the new update is primarily focusing on pipes and fluids (stop giggling at back), so now you can spend all day building your own pipeline empire to maximise efficiency across your factory.

So pipes have been added along with a fluid system. Essentially there’s not much difference between pipes and conveyor belts, though you will have to work harder with pipes as verticality is a factor when it comes to the flow of fluids. Curse you, physics. Along with this new feature are a whole host of new attachments and machines at your disposal to help you in your global factory domination.

There are also a tonne of different fluids that you can now transport around the world thanks to the new update, including the classics like water and oil as well as some more exotic substances like alumina solution and sulphuric acid.

Don’t want to build a huge pipe system for transporting fluids between factories? Well you don’t have to! Now you can add tanks to your trains and safely transport them. But what about human bodies? First of all, strange question. Second of all, absolutely! Transport your own fleshy meat sack quickly and safely with Hypertubes! These are pipes for the most precious fluid of all: human beans.

Made an extremely efficient factory that you now have an excess amount of resources that you need to get rid of? Then you’ll love the AWESOME sink: a new machine that will delete items in exchange for coupons, which pioneers like yourself can trade in for all sorts of goodies in the AWESOME shop.

Bored of the same old map? Start fresh in the brand new (slightly more difficult) starting area, the Dune Desert, which will require Pioneers to come up with more out-of-the-box solutions for transportation across long distances.

There are literally heaps of other additions, bug fixes and re-balancing in the new update. If you’re really into your conveyor belt heaven then we’d recommend reading the full patch notes. But if you haven’t got the game yet, currently it’s out on the Epic Games Store, with the all-important Steam release on its way ‘soon’.