Call of Duty: Modern Warfare revives old character, Battle Royale mode teased

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been garnering much success lately. The somewhat-of-a-reboot has had fans praising it for ‘going back to its roots’, but still retaining what has set the series apart from other shooters.

The game itself was already a big download at launch, and now that Season 2 is finally here users have reported a whopping 94GB download on PC. That’s a pretty big download just for one update. And there’s been a lot of speculation lately as to why that is after the new season’s in-game cinematic dropped, with many believing that a battle royale mode is coming soon. User KeirzyHD on Youtube made a handy video of the new in-game cinematic, plus one of the more mysterious additions from the new update:

The first note to make is the return of the popular character ‘Ghost’, who most of us will remember for trying to stop a bullet with his head in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and failing. Having become somewhat of a meme, the return of Ghost has seen fans excited for the new season as his character will be unlockable through the new Battle Pass.

But now comes the juicy part. After Ghost radios in for Price, we see the airport terminal building as an encroaching cloud of green smoke swarms the perimeter (much like other Battle Royale modes eh). That alone would be enough to guess that a BR mode is coming, but then they go and show a group of soldiers jumping out the back of a plane, parachuting into the chaos below, so yeah now we’re 99% sure that it’s happening.

Additionally there is now a mysterious new option on the main menu of the game. You have the usual Campaign, Multiplayer, Coop and the Store options, but there’s a distinct fifth option available now under the title ‘Classified’ (You’re really trying hard not to give it away aren’t you Activision?). Interestingly the mode hasn’t yet been released, though we’re pretty sure it’s what makes up the bulk of the large download. We could see the mode introduced halfway through the new season, or in a few weeks time, either way the addition of the Battle Royale mode won’t be anything new as the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game rolled out with the mode at launch. But it would be interesting to see it in the Modern Warfare setting.

Also arriving in the new update is everyone’s favourite 360 no-scoping arena: Rust. So now we can all rejoice as epic sniping montages make their return to Youtube.

You can see the full list of updates and fixes here. However here’s the full list of what’s new:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare February 11th Patch Notes:

New Operator: Ghost!

New Weapons: Grau 5.56 and Striker 45

Playlist Update!

CDL Playlist (Hardpoint, Domination, Search and Destroy) Realism Ground War (previously Realism Mosh Pit) Adding Boneyard into Ground War rotation “I have Rust Issues” – 6v6 Mosh Pit  Gunfight Snipers 3v3 Rust: available in 2v2 and 6v6 playlists Atlas Superstore: available in 6v6 and 10v10 playlists

Regiments! (check them out in the Social menu!)

New Trials!    

Special Ops Survival: Azhir Cave (Sony Exclusive!) 

Akimbo Weapon Perk! (available in Gunsmith)

* A note from the team: Bazaar and Gunfight Tournaments will go live later in the season!

The new season is live now, and chances are you’re here because you’re waiting for the update to finish downloading; don’t worry we feel your pain.

Are you excited for the return of Rust? What about unlocking Ghost? Either way let us know what you think of the new season! And we’ll see you on the battlefield, with our boots on the ground… Or something like that. I’m not a real soldier if you couldn’t tell already.