Two Resident Evil Resistance masterminds and maps revealed for RE3 Remake multiplayer mode

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Resident Evil 3 Remake

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The Resident Evil 3 Remake is fast approaching, it won’t be long until we’re back in Raccoon City, fighting zombies and running away from Nemesis as he ominously grunts “STARS”. But there’s another Resident Evil game on the horizon; packed alongside the RE3 Remake is Resident Evil Resistance, the Dead by Daylight-esque game has been getting some updates recently. More specifically, we have some information now about two new masterminds in addition to two new maps.

The two masterminds you can play as are: Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer, each with unique abilities and special signature moves. Fans of the Resident Evil franchise will recognise both names. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 had Alex Wesker, whilst Ozwell was officially introduced in Resident Evil 5. 

Both of them are very fitting characters as masterminds in the new game. Alex Wesker tortured her victims, often trapping and playing psychological games with them. And Ozwell is one of the founders of Umbrella, with an obsession for control, domination and power.

The two new maps that have been added to the roster include: ‘Casino’ and ‘Abandoned Park’, both of which can be easily figured out as to what they’ll include/look like.

Alex Wesker

Alex’s play-style is all about manipulation, which suitably makes her more focused on traps. She can manipulate a stage’s layout in order to catch survivors off-guard, often introducing roadblocks to prevent the survivors from completing objectives or enhancing zombies and other creatures.

Each mastermind will have a signature ability they can use within a stage that can dramatically change the way the game is played, forcing survivors to adapt around the challenges. Alex’s signature is a large plant-based bio-weapon known as: Yateveo, a large plant monster that is unable to move, blocking paths for survivors to certain objectives.

Ozwell E. Spencer

Ozwell’s play-style is a bit different, instead of trying to stop survivors at significant parts of the game and block their progress, Ozwell is all about the long game: slowly wearing out the other survivors. His approach is a lot more indirect, but can be much more devastating in the long run.

His signature ability is also very different from the other masterminds available. Ozwell doesn’t have a bio-weapon like the other villains, fitting in with his theme of being more indirect and playing the long game: Ozwell has a disintegration field which will severely damage any survivors that pass through it. He can redirect the survivors movements and change the layout of a stage to prevent them from achieving their objectives. The disintegration field has a much shorter cooldown time than the other masterminds’ abilities.

Are you excited for Resident Evil Resistance? Or does it seem like Capcom’s hopeless attempt at trying to make it relevant by haphazardly sticking it on the end of the new remake? Let us know what you think!