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Half-Life: Alyx

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When Valve announced they were making another Half-Life game, but in the realms of VR, it was safe to say that Valve would do a pretty good job of it. Almost every game they’ve made was some sort of technical marvel that brought about several innovations in gaming and technology. When the HTC Vive was released and VR was available to the public there was a huge cultural shift about what was possible in gaming. Now, with Half-Life: Alyx just around the corner, we have a few videos released by Valve themselves to showcase various mechanics in the game, and oh boy is there a lot to talk about…

There’s 3 videos in total, which has currently stirred the internet into a frenzy because Valve has officially been able to count to the number 3, each one showcases different scenarios that you will encounter: the first and last focusing on combat but with different enemies, and the second showing off some of the puzzles you’ll encounter.

Remember when I said I was not looking forward to a new ‘Ravenholm’ section? Or headcrabs and headcrab zombies in general? Yeah… This video is the stuff of nightmares to me. Of course I’m going to play the game when it comes out but damn am I already getting chills thinking about playing this level.

We get the typical VR interactivity stuff, which is seriously cool, especially when the player pulls a metal bar from the other side of the door because holy crap that was so cool! We also got a glimpse at some glorious weapon modification. I am a sucker for upgrades and upgrade systems, so it looks like you’ll be able to with your weapons in the game (or at the very least your pistol).

This video truly shows exactly what VR is capable of allowing players to do, certain things that just would not be possible in a non-VR game (or at least nowhere near as fun). The puzzle at the start looks like fun but not too hard, having to grab the weird alien grenade thing quick enough before it reels back and prevents you from taking it, having to quickly grab something, shoot a barnacle and grab the thing mid-air in time is just juicy VR goodness.

Finally, we get a good look at some great combat gameplay. Dodging bullets, shooting dudes and OMG DID HE JUST PULL A CAR DOOR OUT AS A SHIELD?? Yes, that moment felt a lot like when everyone went crazy about The Division’s mechanic of closing doors as you pass over them in cover, but this was undeniably way cooler because of VR.

The shooting looks absolutely fun, ducking between cover and changing weapons on the fly looks easy and solving puzzles looks like an absolute blast. It’s clear that Valve has done a phenomenal job in ensuring Half-Life: Alyx is truly a standout VR game, and one worth the merit. I am happy to say that it just might set the standard for most VR games out there once released, at least for the level of interactivity the player can experience in the VR world. It looks like Valve has once again blown us away with their technical achievements and gameplay savviness, who knew?

Are you excited for Half-Life: Alyx? What do you think of these gameplay videos? Have they made you even more excited? Let us know your thoughts!