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PC fans who have been wanting their own baby-in-a-bottle can now finally take a breath of fresh air, as Death Stranding’s PC release date has now been revealed; and no sooner can we experience the joys of walking up mountains, walking around mountains, and basking in the glory that is Mads Mikkelson’s gorgeous face.

I am a huge fan of Hideo Kojima as I’m sure a lot of us are. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is an absolute work of art and absolutely stands as a pinnacle of Kojima’s talent. It was, after all, his tentpole series that, quite like Christopher Nolan and his Batman films, never intended to have any sequels yet always blew everyone away when the next installment came out. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is quite possibly my favourite Kojima game ever, and I only recently was able to play the P.T. demo on a friend’s PS4 (since I didn’t have one when the chaos of Kojima’s supreme horror game was all the buzz). I should point out that I have yet to play Death Stranding simply because I wanted the PC version to experience it in the very best way I can.

So now Kojima’s latest entry into his hall of fame, and quite possibly the most controversial, will be coming to PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 2nd (only a mere 3 months away!). We already knew that it was coming to PC at the end of last year, but we now have an official release date along with a brand new trailer and some extra PC goodies (stick around for the end of the trailer to see what I’m talking about):

Yes, our fan-favourite Norman Reedus will be able to wear a dead crab monster on his head, unfortunately there’s no word on if there’s a crowbar that comes or an orange jumpsuit variant as well, but that’s okay because there’s tonnes of other features coming to the PC version that will make players even more happy.

Arriving with the PC version will be a photo mode, ultra-wide monitor support and, of course, high frame rates (yaaaaaay!). Along with that, all PC players will receive exclusive bonus content including: the official Death Stranding digital soundtrack Expanded Edition (with 10 unreleased bonus tracks) by Ludvig Forssell, selections from ‘The Art of Death Stranding’ (a digital book by Titan Books), Ludens Mask sunglasses (Chiral Gold and Omnireflector), Gold and Silver Power Skeleton, Gold and Silver All-Terrain Skeleton and the Gold and Silver Armour Plate LV2.

There are, of course, pre-order bonuses (because what game doesn’t these days) including: HD Wallpapers, “SAM” Sunglasses (Chiral Gold and Omnireflector), cap (Chiral Gold and Omnireflector), Gold and Silver Speed Skeleton and the Gold and Silver Armour Plate.

It seems strange to me that the LV2 version of the armour plate comes with the base game and is not a pre-order bonus, either way it’s nice to see all the big stuff like the soundtrack and art book in the base game for all players to enjoy. Obviously there is also the Half-Life 2 content, but again there’s no confirmation on whether or not there will be more than just the headcrab hat.

You can pre-order Death Stranding now on Steam or the Epic Games Store, in addition there will also be a physical release on the same day with an exclusive steelbook case and artwork for those who still like physical copies.

Are you excited for Death Stranding? Did you play the PS4 version? Have you played any Kojima games before? Let us know!