A TrackMania Nations remake is zooming our way and releasing soon

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TrackMania Nations Remake

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TrackMania Nations is being remade and riding onto our screens in May. The hit 2008 game of the Trackmania series has been well regarded as the best in the franchise, and now, under the blanket of remakes, will be zooming back to us in HD with all-new graphics and features for the “ultimate Trackmania experience.

Branded as “the most ambitious title in the series to date”, the TrackMania Nations Remake boasts:

Regularly updated content: Trackmania features an official seasonal campaign and a daily track selection. Diverse tracks: Trackmania allows for unique track creations that players can share by providing new surfaces and “special” blocks. A new type of esport: Trackmania makes esports accessible to everyone, with in-game daily competitions to international open leagues.

It seems both Ubisoft and Nadeo are really pushing for TrackMania’s eSports community, which isn’t surprising considering the tremendous growth eSports have seen recently. And the competitive racing game has a lot of fans and potential in the eSports world.

The TrackMania Nations Remake will be released on PC worldwide on 5th May 2020.

What do you think of the remake? Is it a worthy game to be remade? Did you play the original? Let us know what you think!