New footage for Riot Games competitive FPS Valorant

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Riot Games, the developers behind the incredibly popular and successful MOBA game, League of Legends, recently teased a new competitive FPS game in development. At one point called Project Ares, we now know the game is called Valorant, and we also now have our first glimpse at some gameplay in action.

Posted on their official Youtube channel, the video below depicts an internal match between developers, as stated by the message at the start “the following is an unscripted internal developer playtest we thought we’d share with you”, aw you’re so sweet Riot xoxo

Obviously it is still in the Alpha development stage and so everything is a work-in-progress, but Riot Games has stated that they want to get the game released in Summer 2020.

Whilst at first the 5v5 competitive shooter looks to be a carbon copy of Counter-Strike, it soon becomes clear that there is a mix of Overwatch/League of Legends there as well with the addition of abilities. Like it or loathe it, it certainly looks to be a unique blend of the games that inspired it.

What’s more interesting however, is that the official website boasts incredible “128-tick servers, at least 30 frames per second on most min-spec computers (even dating back a decade), 60 to 144 FPS on modern gaming rigs, a global spread of datacenters aimed at ” so basically Riot Games is, once again, cementing itself firmly in the competitive gaming scene.

The free-to-play competitive fps will have an array of characters with various abilities that you can choose from (sound familiar?), but going down the tactical shooter route seems to make it stand out more in the crowd of competitive multiplayer games.

What do you think of Valorant? Are you excited? Will you be playing it when it releases? Let us know what you think!