Plague Inc has been removed from the Steam and IOS app store in China

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It seems that no one is safe from the coronavirus, as the pandemic seems to have taken its next victim. However, whilst many were seeing stock market plummets following the outbreak of news from the virus, there was one thing that seemingly benefited from the widespread panic, and no, it wasn’t the media…

Plague Inc saw a surge recently (especially in the Asia regions) because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, after the tremendous success, the panic has now devolved into a negative situation for the game, as Plague Inc has now been pulled from the Steam store in China making it completely unavailable to purchase for most users.

It follows from when the game was removed from the IOS app store last week, as the Chinese government continues to try and contain the epidemic and without causing widespread panic. Clearly the government is trying to clamp down on the panic as Plague Inc, whilst not being an official scientific model of the virus, is quite an astonishing simulator of diseases and viruses and how they spread.

My only guess is that people would play the game, see how severe the coronavirus infects, spreads and kills on there, and then run around in mass hysteria because we’re all going to die. I’m guessing that it doesn’t actually happen like that, and that it’s just the Chinese government trying to do their best to contain the ensued panic, but I doubt taking the game off Steam and the IOS store will help in any way.

What do you think of the situation? Is the removal of Plague Inc from Steam justified? Or is it a futile attempt at containing the panic? Let us know your thoughts! (Oh and please wash your hands before typing online, we don’t want to spread the virus across the internet).

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“I said it many times before and I will say it many times more if I have to. The whole thing is completely overblown.Unless you are either very young (0 – 5 years I imagine), very old (75 or 80+ years), have an already underlying health problem, or immune system is compromised, you will probably…”

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