Comanche PC multiplayer open beta is live now

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For those of you old enough to remember messing around with floppy discs, the Comanche series probably holds a warm and fuzzy place in your heart. In case you missed it, it’s back. Probably not at all you remember it but it’s back all the same. And here’s the best bit, – you can check it out for yourself right now. 

Yes, you too can commandeer a merciless death machine and take to the skies, this time gunning down enemy pilots rather than screaming AI minions. The Comanche multiplayer open beta is live right now on Steam and playable through until Monday evening. 

There doesn’t seem to be any catch to getting involved, you simply download the Comanche beta from Steam and you have from February 28, 5 AM PST / 2 PM CET until March 2, 10 AM PST / 7 PM CET to participate.

If you’ve given the beta a shot, how did you find it? Is the Comanche sequel of your dreams, or would you prefer they stuck to some classic single-player? Let us know below!