Battle through time as Samurai Jack in the new game by Adult Swim

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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

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Now we can finally put ourselves into the wooden sandals of Samurai Jack (younger me would be jealous) and battle through time to undo the future that is Aku… As Samurai Jack is getting his own video game courtesy of Adult Swim Games and planned to release in Summer this year. With the original creators of the show working on the game, this will surely be a spectacular addition to the franchise and a game that any fan of the show should own.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is an action platform game that will see players travelling through time as Samurai Jack, visiting old locations and wielding dozens of weapons to fight against the evil forces of the shape shifting master of darkness, Aku.

If you were wondering if those were the original voices from the show, you are absolutely correct. Phil LaMarr is returning as Samurai Jack and Greg Baldwin as Aku. It will also tie into the entire series as well as acknowledging the final season of the show, as for a short time you can see the season 5 version of Jack fighting a large stone monster and running through rain in a temple environment.

It also looks like it will incorporate some animation akin the show’s style. There will be lots of weapons that players can master with upgrades and skills that will suit your playstyle. And apparently you’ll visit classic locations and meet familiar faces… so hopefully we can get some information about the time between seasons 4 & 5 since that is really unexplored at the moment.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through time is planned to release in Summer 2020. You can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

Are you excited for the Samurai Jack game? Are you a fan of the show? No one else here has watched it so I need someone to talk to about it…