Diablo 4 gets an update – shows off new Cannibal family and more changes

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Blizzard is working away at getting Diablo 4 to be as best as it can be, clearly taking feedback from the fans and implementing them into the newest instalment of the franchise. In their first quarterly update they have revealed many of the changes that they will be adding to the game, including changes to the UI design, controller support, Co-op and a quick teaser trailer for the Cannibal Monster Family.

There’s a lot of updates to comb over, but the biggest I could see were changes to the inventory/UI design and couch Co-op. The inventory has gotten a new update with item icons being adjusted to be more visually appealing, whilst also darkening and desaturating the icon backgrounds: “This way, we’ve made rarity indicators visually more subtle but hopefully with a wider range in accessibility,” says the post.

Another change comes from the Co-op UI, as Diablo 4 now supports full couch Co-op. Back in Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls, players enjoyed the couch Co-op experience but complained that they were unable to do anything while one player had a UI screen open: “we decided to focus on improving the favored 2-player co-op experience and set up our core progression UI screens such that they can be opened independently or at the same time.

There’s a lot more updates regarding controller support and more UI changes, but let’s get on to the new look at the Cannibal Monster Family…

Anyone else getting major Uruk-Hai vibes? With the style of the armour and big machete weapons, I would have absolutely confused this with a Lord of the Rings game. Either way, they cool as hell and I can’t wait to slaughter all of them.

The cannibal family consists of several different archetypes that you will encounter, and each will have their own ability that you’ll need to deal with. There are slow and fast melee attackers, as well as larger enemies like the Bruiser who can stun your character whilst the Swarmer, another large enemy, comes in with a flurry of attacks to finish you off.

If you want to read through all the updates and changes in Blizzard’s quarterly update you can check them out here.

Maybe this time let’s all wait a few days after release before we take some holiday off work to play it…

Are you excited for Diablo 4? What do you think of the new changes and the new Cannibal family? Let us know your thoughts!