Fuser is the next game from the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central

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Harmonix, the creators of hit music game titles such as Rock Band and Dance Central, have announced their new game that will be coming out later this fall: Fuser. The interactive music game is more of an experimental project that focuses on allowing players to ‘fuse’ tracks together and share them with friends. Plus allowing players to live their fantasy as a DJ at Coachella…

It seems to focus a lot on the social sharing aspect, giving players the ability to share their mixes and performances online for everyone to watch. There will be 100+ songs at launch and include artists like: Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Lady Gaga, The Chainsmokers, 50 Cent, The Clash, Lizzo, Fatboy Slim, Lil Nas, LMFAO and lots more.

They’re really leaning into the innovative design of it: “Fuser also represents a new kind of music gaming experience; a bold reframing of how players can interact with, and develop a new appreciation for, musical content,” I’m not sure how much ‘innovation’ can come out of a music game, but I’ve been surprised before.

It also looks like there will be several levels and objectives for players to complete in order to satisfy the crowd and not get glow sticks thrown in their face: “Players will seamlessly blend vocals, bass lines, beats and riffs as they play. As they’re mixing, players will earn points based on timing as well as their ability to satisfy crowd requests and level objectives.

As players progress in the game, they can unlock new songs, sounds and various cosmetic options to create their own unique DJ look. I hope they include a huge Panda mask, I would definitely wear that and a bright pink tracksuit with gold chains and necklaces dangling all around me.

Fuser is a musical playground where players can explore, discover and perfect incredible mixes. Fuser gameplay is all about creativity and experimentation, an audio canvas waiting for players to make their mark,” now that’s some poetic stuff.

We’ll see how it lives up to the hype, as many fans are tremendously excited for a new beat mixing game to come out. If you are one of those, then you can check out the game at PAX East, because surprisingly Harmonix will be there, even amidst the coronavirus chaos. At this rate, they’ll pretty much be the only ones there it seems…

Fuser will be out later this year in the Fall season, but there will be many opportunities for fans to check the game out and play a bit before then.

Are you excited for Fuser? What other music games are you currently playing? Do you think you’ll make the switch? Or is this just another scratch on the turntable? (I don’t know DJ speak, I hope that’s an actual thing and I don’t look like an idiot here).