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Okay I’m not going to say we called it… but we totally did. A couple of weeks ago we tried to predict what console exclusive games will most likely be coming to PC, and our first pick has just been leaked online by the most trustworthy company in the world… Amazon!

More specifically, Amazon France. A page has been found on there that seems to detail Horizon Zero Dawn as ‘currently unavailable’, okay nothing super suspicious about that. But what’s more interesting is that it’s listed under ‘Plate-form’ (and for those of you less lingual, ‘platform’ is the English translation) as a PC game… hmmm indeed.

You can check the link for yourself here.

There’s no images or a proper description yet. All it reads (to save you the translation) is: “Currently unavailable, we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock“.

We heard rumours a while ago that it was coming to PC, but this almost certainly confirms it now. Even though it’s just a leak and could easily be written off as an accident, normally when this sort of thing happens it turns out to be true in the future. So this leak plus the rumour a couple weeks back means this stew seems to be boiling (is that a phrase that people use?)

More and more we’re seeing the age of console exclusivity coming to a halt as more and more games make their way to PC after having a decent run on the console at launch. Should this game have been on PC in the first place? Probably. Are we happy it’s coming to PC now? Absolutely!

Are you excited for Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC? Do you think the leak is legitimate? What other console exclusives would you like to see coming to PC? Let us know your thoughts!