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Steam Labs, that weird experimental area that Valve introduced a while ago in order to beta test new features of the Steam Store, has just released its latest update, this time enhancing the search functionalities. So now you can enhance your experience of spending money on games that you don’t need, but want to own anyway.

Our Search experiment started as an exploration of new ranking algorithms, but based upon user feedback it expanded to include the many quality of life improvements in today’s release,” reads the post, “while large features often get the most attention, smaller changes are essential for a smoother user experience.

If you’re like me, then you have an uncontrollable desire to spend money on games that are on sale… “Hey, DOOM is on sale for £7.50, that’s half price compared to last week! Eh, why not!” *clicks ‘buy’ and doesn’t play the game for a whole year*. And now we have even easier ways of splashing cash on lame games (or even good games, I just liked that it rhymed, okay?).

First of all, you can now narrow your search by price, inputting a maximum threshold if you’re on a budget. And luckily, sometimes those big AAA games go on sale but get lost in the endless list of games under £20 or $25. But now you can specifically search for ‘Special Offers’, in case your favourite games are now on sale.

The second big improvement comes in the form of tags: you can now exclude tags as well as include them. So say for some reason you love Indie games, but have had your fair fill of zombie games and now want a break from that genre, you can easily exclude the ‘zombies’ tag while including the ‘indie’ tag. Tag, tag, tag away!

Hate seeing games that you already know about? Or wishlisted or ignored? Well now you exclude those too, selecting either: Hide ignored items, Hide items in my library or Hide items on my wishlist. Don’t have a VR headset and hate seeing those pesky VR-only games constantly shoving the fact in your face, well now you can exclude VR-only games too, and VR-supported games as well, if you’re so inclined.

You can also now search in different languages, by default the search bar will already search for games in your default language, but now you can specify if you’re one of those bi-lingual folks (I say that like I’m racist but I’m actually just jealous, because I only know English and can barely speak that already).

Finally, a feature that I’m sure everyone is excited for: infinite scrolling. No longer are we expected to endlessly click through pages like mere peasants, our laziness finally prevails! Just keep scrolling down and more search results will appear. Worried about losing your position? Fear not! Your loyal squire will keep your place for you, should you click on a game to learn more. When making your way back, you’ll be in the same position as you were last in (there isn’t really a squire by the way, I made that up).

Of course all of these search options don’t disappear when you click on any results, so you don’t have to re-input them like excluded tags or the price range when you return to the search page. You can view the original blog post and read more on the updates here.

What do you think of the new changes? Are they welcome additions? Do you think you’ll be using them much? Let us know!