Check out the blocky environments of Minecraft Dungeons in new Dev Diary

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Minecraft: Dungeons

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Are you excited for a blocky universe? A new video has been released by Mojang revealing more details on Minecraft: Dungeons, the blocky dungeon crawler based on the original game of mining and crafting. We’ve heard little tidbits here and there about the new game, but this video explains more about the environments you will be traversing through.

“The environments that you will encounter in Dungeons will be very familiar, they are set in the Minecraft universe,” says Game Designer Pontus Hammarberg. Looks like the Minecraft Game-ematic Universe is a thing now, expect the origin stories of several key characters who eventually band to fight back against the Ender Dragon as it lays waste to the city of New Yo- I mean the Minecraft world.

If you were wondering how procedural generation is going to work in Minecraft Dungeons – because, you know, Minecraft was basically the game that popularised procedural generation – then don’t fret, because as Hammarberg puts it:  “The levels in Minecraft Dungeons are to some extent procedurally generated. The way that we’ve married procedural generation with rewarding gameplay is to design sort of like puzzle pieces that we then can tell the engine to arrange for us, either in a way that we specifically tell it to do, or in a way that is more random.”

So Minecraft Dungeons will have some procedural generation to it, and for those looking for Minecraft’s (arguably) most famous quality will be pleased, but there will also be some areas that are hand-crafted (as opposed to mine-crafted, hehe).

“What procedural generation doesn’t take into account is pacing, what kind of encounters you will have, how the level plays in general, so you have to strike a good mix between procedural generation and crafted content,” says Christian Berg, level designer on Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is still set for a, once again, vague date of ‘April 2020’. No word yet on whether it will come to Xbox Game Pass, but considering it’s a Microsoft game we reckon there’s a strong chance it will be.

Are you excited for Minecraft Dungeons? What about the Minecraft Universe? I was thinking of calling it the Minecraft Transmedia Universe (since there’s supposedly a movie coming out), but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Can you think of a better term? Please let us know!