Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC release date revealed

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Total War: Three Kingdoms – A World Betrayed

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Yesterday Sega announced their new standalone chapter pack for TTotal War: Three Kingdoms, ‘A World Betrayed’ takes place in the immediate aftermath of the devastating 190CE conflict as China’s most formidable warlords clash together in order to conquer the lands and rule supreme over the Han Dynasty.

In the north, the tyrant Dong Zhuo has fallen to the blade of his adopted son, Lü Bu: a fierce warrior hellbent on defeating the great heroes of China. In the south, Sun Ce mourns the death of his father, the noble Sun Jian, and pledges his life to continue his father’s legacy. The day has come where they must stand alone, the future theirs to take…

Players can forge a new empire with two new factions led by all new characters: Lü Bu and Sun Ce. Along with the new factions are brand new units including the Tiger Guard, the Flying Riders and the Handmaid Guard. New starting positions, events and story missions as well as new characters like Cheng Pu, the Qiao Sisters and lots more.

Along with the new DLC, there is also a free downloadable content update for all Total War: Three Kingdoms players. Details on that plus more answers in an FAQ can be found here.

Total War: Three Kingdoms – A World Betrayed comes out on March 19th.

Are you excited for the DLC? Will it get you back into playing Three Kingdoms? Let us know!