Up for Debate: consoles or gaming laptops?

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With the growing anticipation of the next-gen consoles being released, and Nvidia’s belief that Geforce gaming laptops will become the largest console in the world, the debate over consoles and gaming laptops is larger than ever, and will continue to grow. Are gaming laptops truly the future of gaming? Or will traditional consoles be here to stay? Let’s put it up for debate…

So first of all let’s make a case for both. Consoles are usually much cheaper than standard gaming laptops. I’m sure you could find a laptop cheaper than a PlayStation 4, but can it run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare without exploding? Probably not. Either way, consoles are seen as the all-in-one package for gamers at home. You are pretty much guaranteed that any game you buy on the system will run pretty well (or at least at a playable state). Everything is seemingly handled for you, and all you need to do is buy the console and a game and you’re good to go.

Gaming laptops are similar as of right now, they boast a little bit more customisation than traditional consoles, but they do take some of the PC building aspects out of the picture, offering another all-in-one package. The thing with a PC is that almost every game will also be released on PC, there’s no more console-exclusive problems when it comes to the platform. And there’s only a handful of games that are only on console and not PC. You also have the added ability of carrying it around wherever you go. Travelling? No problem, play DOOM at the airport. In a business meeting? Boot up a quick game of Apex Legends and no one will notice, try whipping out an Xbox One whilst in a meeting and not getting noticed…

So both have their own benefits, the problem comes down to price: consoles are much cheaper and gaming laptops are much more expensive. The question of which is better now surfaces since it’s most likely the next-gen consoles will be more expensive than the last ones, and gaming laptops are finding new and better ways of improving the hardware whilst decreasing the price. So as the two platforms get closer to each other in price, it’s hard to figure out which one is better. Then again, consoles in the future might decline in price, and gaming laptops might increase in price, and so will go the eternal dance of consoles and laptops…

So what do you think? Which one is better? Consoles or gaming laptops? And which one will be the future of gaming? Let us know your thoughts!