Just you wait, Worms 2020 is officially incoming

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Worms 2020

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Remember Worms? And no I’m not talking the free tasty snacks in your back garden, I’m talking about the blow-em-all-up-because-everyone-must-die-even-your-own-teammates game of course! The game that spawned so many iconic and unforgettable quotes such as “I’ll get you!” and “you’ll regret that!” and of course the wonderfully colourful “Fatality!”. They were particularly enjoyable games, especially since I kept beating my little brother, Kyle.

And they were relatively simple as well, starting out as a 2D platformer/world leader who has access to all sorts of military equipment that they shouldn’t have access to, all the way to golf and then to 3D… and then back to golf again. So it’s safe to say that the Worms franchise has been severely lacking recently and we’re about due another one… Oh, what’s that?… “INCOMING!”…

Well, the Worms world is apparently back again with Worms 2020. Unfortunately we haven’t got any other news apart from the teaser above, but the HD worm that makes his way onto the screen at the end looks pretty darn tasty if I may say so myself. Now “just you wait”, because I’m ready to drop a concrete donkey whenever I want, so don’t prod me.

Are you excited for a new Worms game? What’s your favourite in the series? Will we ever understand how to control that stupid exploding sheep? Let us know!