AMD will switch to axial-fan cooling solutions in next-gen GPU’s


For those that haven’t been keeping up to date, AMD just recently had their Financial Analyst Day presentation wherein they announced their next-gen RDNA2 graphics cards will be launching later this year. However there was some other interesting info to come out of the presentation, and one that was a little obscure that almost everybody missed.

If you’ve already read the title then there’s no point keeping it a surprise here, AMD will be switching to an axial-fan cooling solution for their next-gen Radeon GPU’s. Traditionally, most graphics cards have been using the standard blower style which, although it can be quite loud, expels air rather well and has done so for many years. However, axial-fan cooling solutions are even better and much quieter.

How did this slip most of everyone’s minds? Well it turns out the slide that showed this off was not up for long, there was no text describing it, and AMD didn’t even cover it, so it’s not surprising that it only took until the slide was posted on Reddit that someone noticed a curious addition to a picture of the new GPU:

“There will be no blower reference fans for gamers on next-gen. So you are correct,” said Scott Herkelman, AMD’s Vice President and General Manager for the Radeon Business Unit, on the Reddit post.

I have to say I am quite the fan of this decision.

What do you think of the fan changes? Is this a step in the right direction for AMD? Or will it hike up the prices of their next-gen GPU’s? Let us know your thoughts!