GDC postponement causes Everspace 2 Early Access to be delayed

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Another day and the Coronavirus chaos claims another victim… GDC was postponed last week over concerns of the virus, joining a long list of games and game conventions that have been either postponed or indefinitely cancelled (though, surprisingly, not E3!). However it seems like ROCKFISH Games, creators of the popular sci-fi spaceship shooter EVERSPACE and the upcoming EVERSPACE 2, were counting on some sort of announcement at GDC as well as meeting important business partners:

Unsurprisingly, all our GDC meetings with major platform holders and potential console co-publishing partners have been canceled, too. We are now setting up conference calls or meetings at upcoming events. Right now, we are prepared for everything and are hoping for the best. In short: We have to deal with a lot of uncertainties regarding business development, external game production as well as marketing and PR.

But that isn’t the only issue to arise from the cancellation, as ROCKFISH stated that:

Another issue is that some AAA blockbuster titles will hit our initial Steam Early Access release date: The hotly-anticipated open-world sci-fi shooter RPG Cyberpunk 2077 was recently pushed back to September, plus the brand new sci-fi looter shooter RPG Outriders from Square Enix has just been announced to release the same month, too. Obviously, there is quite an overlap between those audiences and ours, so we have decided it wouldn’t be wise to directly compete against two sci-fi shooter RPG juggernauts, leaving not much room for any other sci-fi shooter coming out at the same time.

So they don’t want to get drowned out by the excitement of two massive Sci-fi games coming out at the same time. Hopefully this means more potential work on the game, as each update announced for Everspace 2 comes with a whole new host of exciting news. There’s a lot more that ROCKFISH announced for Everspace 2, including unique cockpits for every sub-class of ship, extremely detailed cockpits, ultimate abilities and more. You can check out the blog post here.

What do you think of the updates? Are you excited for Everspace 2? Will the delay hurt sales? Let us know!