Ubisoft and Square Enix to also hold digital conferences this year due to E3 cancellation


It seems like the cancellation of E3 2020 has caused quite the revolution in online conferences, as yesterday it was revealed that both Microsoft and Devolver Digital will be holding their very own digital conferences. Now we have confirmation that both Ubisoft and Square Enix will also be holding their own digital conferences via their Twitter accounts.

Ubisoft tweeted this message: “The health and well-being of teams, players and partners is our top priority, so while we’re disappointed, we fully support the ESA’s decision to cancel E3 2020. E3 is and will continue to be a moment where we come together as a community and share our love of games. 

We’re exploring other options for a digital experience that will allow us to share all the exciting news we have planned, stay tuned for more!

Square Enix tweeted this message: “As the world has echoed and united, nothing is more important than protecting the health and well-being of our employees and their families, our partners, and unquestionably, our fans. We support the ESA’s decision to cancel E3 2020 and send our strongest heartfelt appreciation to everyone that works tirelessly to bring unforgettable games and experiences to E3. We understand this is disappointing not only to our respective developers and publishers, but also to thousands of fans who venture from afar to celebrate games at E3. We’re right there with you.

Our 2020 lineup, and the next-generation that lies beyond, is stronger than ever for Square-Enix. Where E3 has always been an incredible moment in time to showcase our upcoming games, we’re exploring other options to share our games with you. More to come, stay tuned.

Thank you.

What’s interesting to note here is just how similar these messages are. Part of me feels like they hired the same writer (and possibly the same graphics designer too). Nevertheless, the messages are very optimistic and could be an indication of a big shift in the gaming industry when it comes to announcements and reveals.

There is no word as of yet how this will affect the dates of certain announcements, will we still see a flurry of reveals in June? Or maybe they’ll be spread out more… Only time will tell and we’ll just simply have to wait and see. 2020 is definitely going to be an interesting year for gaming.

Is this a good thing? Or is there still a reason for physical announcements on stage in 2020? Let us know your thoughts!