Spelunky 2 update: still in development, release date coming soon

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Ah, spelunky, the word that just keeps getting better the more you say it. Try running into a room full of old people and shout “spelunky!” without getting a few weird looks… Anyway I’m getting sidetracked here, the cult indie roguelike game Spelunky became much of a beloved treasure among the internet crowds. The cute, Indiana Jones simulator, won lots of hearts for it’s pixelated look and treasure-hunting antics and then got an HD remake for the PC and console later that included co-op.

We heard a while back that Spelunky 2 was in development by Mossmouth, but it’s been a while since we heard anything from them… Did they get trapped in a room full of snakes? Evidently not, as we just got an update by Derek Yu on the official PlayStation blog:

Hey, everyone! Derek here. It might feel like it’s been awhile since our last update — to the Spelunky 2 team, however, it feels like almost no time at all, since we’ve been hard at work and seeing the steady progress we’ve been making each day

He goes on to share a bunch of screenshots of the new game, including the updated graphics and liquid physics, as well as the addition of new items and new characters. Plus he gave an update on the new sound design:

Eirik Suhrke, who worked on Spelunky 1, is creating a dynamic, multilayered soundscape that is much more immersive than the first game. Each area not only has its own unique musical theme, but every creature, trap, item, and surface has its own suite of sound effects associated with it.

There’s a lot more he teases, stating that there’s “so much more that I could talk about!” But, of course, he doesn’t, and we’ll just have to wait for another update to hear about those. However, In regards to the release date Derek mentioned:

Although we’re not quite ready to announce a release date, we’re getting closer and closer, finally getting to implement the deepest parts of Spelunky 2 that have been collecting dust in my notepad for years. From me, Eirik, BlitWorks, and Lollipop Robot (our amazing QA team) — we can’t wait for you to join us on the adventure!

So it looks like Spelunky 2 is getting there and will be with us soon, which I honestly can’t wait for because I want to get my spelunking on… Okay that just sounded wrong. If you would like to read the entire blog post you can click here.

Spelunky 2 currently has no release date, but will be available on PC and PlayStation 4 when it does eventually release.

What do you think of Spelunky 2? Are you excited for it? Did you play the first one? Let us know!