Planetside 2 gets biggest update since launch – brings massive fleet ships

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Remember Planetside 2? I’m sure that might be the first time in a while that some of you have heard that name again, but, nevertheless, it’s still getting updates to the game, and the latest trailer sure sounds like one of the biggest updates yet.

Escalation brings new assets to the game, including large flying ships (which has instantly drawn a comparison to the Titans from Battlefield 2142 on the internet) and lots more that whole outfits can deploy on the battlefield. A new social hub, progression system and competitive multiplayer have also been added.

This massive update – our biggest since launch – doubles down on the core PS2 experience by providing more strategic tools and community content than ever before. The introduction of the mighty Bastion Fleet Carrier, deployable War Assets, Outfit Resources and Loyalty system, Sanctuary Social Hub, and all-new Outfit Wars endgame tournament (on an all-new continent!) combine to amplify the deepest, most varied, most epic gameplay any FPS has to offer.

Well, looks like I’ll be jumping back into Planetside 2 after, like, 4 years? I hope I’m not too rusty so I’ll be looking for a companion who can carry me to victory for a while, any takers? Anyway, you can check everything that’s included in the new update here.

According to various groups and online communities, due to the new update the server population is looking pretty healthy, so you shouldn’t have to worry about long loading times or empty servers. Is Planetside 2 back? For the time being, it sure looks like it.

Are you excited for the new Planetside 2 update? How long has it been since you last played it? Let us know!