Co-op game Biped is releasing in 2 weeks

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If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard about all the pandemonium regarding the coronavirus. And, if it so happens, you might be self-isolating yourself or even preparing to self-isolate in the next couple of weeks (on a side note: can I have some toilet paper? I’ve run out and no shops around me have any for some reason). 

Anyway, if you have a friend or significant other to spend the isolation period with, then check out Biped – the co-op puzzle game about two robots trying to figure out the mystic art of using their own legs.

Biped is a brain-twisting puzzle platformer designed to bond players in moment-to-moment collaboration. While playable solo, Biped’s unique control scheme and intricate puzzles make it a perfect couch co-op experience for all ages.

So, the game is playable solo, but it looks to be much more inclined towards couch co-op at least. If you have that roommate or family member stuck with you for a week at a time, maybe keep an eye out for this.

Biped is out on March 27th on Steam, and will launch on consoles at a later date.

What do you think of Biped? Does it look like a fun co-op adventure? Who will you be playing with? Let us know!