Establish Galactic Federations and a new Senate in the latest Stellaris expansion

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Stellaris: Federations

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In space, no one can hear you make trade negotiations. Actually, that’s a lie, everyone can hear them thanks to the handy Daily News Updates. The latest expansion for Stellaris, the game about intergalactic diplomacy, has now added an increased focus on the galactic community and internal politics, so you can hear how Miss Margaret’s cat is currently stuck on a comet and the Space Firemen are trying to get it down.

The new expansion, Federations, also comes with a brand new trailer, which you can check out below, that shows off some of these new features and the internal going-ons of the galactic empires. Move over Phantom Menace, there’s a new federation in town.

So what’s new then? Well, federations have been expanded with their diplomatic capabilities. Players can establish and grow an internal cohesion of federations, and unlock new and powerful rewards for all the members. Trade League, Martial Alliance, and Hegemony are all available and each have their own advantages for members.

Galactic senates can be created to vote on various legislations. Players can pass a resolution to commit more towards collective defense, or give money to rich people whilst neglecting the poor. So, you know, politics. Players can also sway the senate in their favour in order to position themselves as a leader, initiating trading favours and maneuvers, and doing whatever you can to gain influence from those willing to support you.

Each empire now has an origin that shapes the gameplay. Players can choose an origin that drastically changes a civilisation’s story. Like Void Dwellers who abandoned their homeworld and have now decided to live perpetually in orbit, or a community that protects and worships a powerful Tree of Life.

New constructions are now available as well, like the Juggernaut: a large moveable starbase that can provide a mobile repair base even in enemy territory. Or the Mega Shipyard: a new megastructure that can create fleets at an incredible speed. These new assets can provide various tactical advantages for your space empire.

What do you think of the new expansion? Will you be picking it up soon? What would you like to see next? Let us know!