Largest video game fighting tournament EVO still going ahead as planned this year


The Evolution Championship Series, also known as Evo for short, is the the most recognisable championship in the world for fighting games. It has been the longest-running fighting tournament ever and has garnered many fans and loyal communities of all things to do with fighting games. And just like the games they play, Evo 2020 is not going down without a fight…

As we know, many gatherings and events have been cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus. E3 2020 was the big one, and many games companies have taken action to organise digital conferences. Companies like Ubisoft and Xbox have both announced their own online events. But, as we found out yesterday, Gamescom notably took a stand to not cancel their event even in wake of the coronavirus.

So now Evo has taken a stance too, the popular fighting tournament organisers took to Twitter (as everyone seems to be doing now) to announce their plans for this year’s event:

What’s interesting is that this event takes place almost a whole month before Gamescom. In germany, the state authority banned any event taking place with over 1,000 attendants, which ends on April 10th. So Gamescom was just barely able to keep going, as even if that deadline gets extended, there’s still another 3 months until the event itself.

Yet Evo 2020 is taking place almost a month before Gamescom, which, in all honesty, is cutting it a bit close. Even though the event is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and not Germany, it’s still a risky move to have the timing so close when many countries are starting to follow in each other’s footsteps to contain the spread of the virus. An arena full of contestants and fans from all over the world surely won’t bode well in the eyes of the public, especially after so many other events have been cancelled already.

Again, they have at least claimed that they will be monitoring the situation and constantly making judgements on what to do regarding the coronavirus. And if the vent were to be cancelled, all attendees who purchased tickets will be refunded in full.

What do you think? Has Evo made the wrong choice here? Or do you think events shouldn’t be so quick to cancel? Let us know your thoughts on the situation!