Surreal tech-noir mystery game The Signifier revealed

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The Signifier

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It’s a great time for surreal horror games at the moment, they’ve seen quite a surge recently. Thanks to the P.T. demo of Silent Hills, the trend of walking simulator/horror game has been growing. Now we have a new game to add to the series of surreal horror experiences. The Signifier is a tech-noir mystery adventure, where players must delve into the unconscious realms of a victim’s mind and solve a cascade of abstract clues and puzzles…

Undertake a tech-noir mystery adventure like nothing you’ve experienced before. When the vice president of the world’s largest tech company turns up dead in her apartment, you’re called in to investigate using advanced experimental technology.

Journey into the last memories of the deceased with the Dreamwalker machine, a deep brain scanner that can recreate recorded senses and dive into the unconscious. Explore the surreal, solve the puzzles hidden within, and discover the truth for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting big Layers of Fear / Observer_” title=”>Observer_ system requirements” class=”js–rating-snippet” data-id=”23978″ data-text=”>Observer_” data-type=”game”>>Observer_ vibes. Although it’s not exactly dubbed as a Horror game, there are definitely some Horror elements in there, and I’d be surprised if it secretly turned out to not be one. Either way it definitely looks weird and wacky and sure to pose some abstract questions.

The Signifier is currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Steam.

What do you think of The Signifier? Does it look interesting? Will you watching out for it? Let us know!