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Just a quick update for those of you giving it your all right now in the latest installment for the DOOM franchise. I’m sure we’re all excited to jump into the game head-on this weekend for the game’s release, but just in case you’re experiencing some less-than-stellar performance, there might be a small fix for you…

Axel Gneiting, id Software’s Engine Programmer, announced on Twitter that Steam’s FPS overlay (that handy little feature that displays your average fps in the corner of your monitor) will in fact impact your performance in DOOM Eternal.

When playing Doom Eternal on Steam, make sure to disable the Steam FPS counter overlay. It will reduce performance quite a bit,” his tweet says.

Whilst DOOM Eternal is generally well optimised, a lot of users online have already confirmed an increase in framerate due to turning off the overlay, some have even reported doubling their framerate after turning it off. We can’t confirm the exact results right now, but if many players are experiencing this then it must be true to some degree.

Just to clarify though, you do not need to disable the Steam overlay entirely, just the FPS counter overlay. If you’re having difficulties finding the option in Steam: go to your Steam settings, click the ‘in-game’ option on the side, then set the ‘in-game FPS counter’ option to Off.

If you end up with better performance, please do let us know! We’d love to hear if this has improved your average FPS considerably, or not at all. We will update this article with more information when it becomes available.

In the meantime, if you would like to see your average FPS in-game, DOOM Eternal has a handy ‘performance metrics’ graphics option under the Video settings. Turning it on Low will just give you an average FPS counter, increasing the option higher will give you more details if you want them. Don’t worry, this option will not affect your performance at least.

Happy (Demon) Hunting! Let us know what you think of the game so far! And definitely if you experience better performance after this fix.

P.S. Make sure you install the latest game ready drivers! They should also help with performance.