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Bleeding Edge is out in 4 days now, and what better way to get ready than a new launch trailer? I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what Ninja Theory’s latest online arena brawler is all about, the new trailer gives us a glimpse at the world and story within it, whilst also showing off the zany cast of wacky characters that includes a giant robot somehow controlled by a dolphin, or a woman that can turn into a motorbike…

Bleeding Edge is a 4v4 team fighter game coming to PC and Xbox One. It has objectives that you would normally find in shooters, whilst having combat that is more akin to a modern MOBA or team-based multiplayer game like Overwatch. The official release is slated for March 24th 2020. You can pre-order the game through Steam or play it for free on the Xbox Game Pass.

So the reason they keep fighting is because… It’s fun? When all these modern multiplayer games are trying to incorporate realistic reasons as to why the mode exists, or deep lore that tries to explain why there are multiple versions of the same character in a match, or why they constantly keep dropping into an arena to fight each other, it’s nice to see that it’s just because they’re having fun.

Kids will be kids as they say. Just let them cut each other’s arms off with samurai swords, it’s what kids do, right?

What do you think of the latest Launch trailer? Are you excited for Bleeding Edge? Or will you be skipping out on it? Let us know!