Up For Debate – Is completing 100% of a game worth all the effort?

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Doom Eternal

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Video games are fun, we all know that, but do video games give you enough reason to 100% them? A lot of games give you trackers towards 100% completion, some give you rewards for it, but others often don’t do either. With DOOM Eternal’s release yesterday, I at least would like to know how many of us enjoy completing a game to 100% and why?

Achievements are a great way of doing this at least, on consoles there are many reasons to get all the achievements: from the elusive Platinum trophy on PlayStation, to the coveted gamerscore on Xbox, but Steam doesn’t have such ways of showing off your gamer skills. It’s nice to see the percentage of how many players have gained an achievement, and even nicer when that percentage for an achievement you just got is somewhere around 1-5% of players, really showing off your dedication.

But is that enough? DOOM (2016) had lots of secrets and collectibles you could find, with a tracker on each mission telling you if you 100% completed them, but there wasn’t much reward to actually doing that. DOOM Eternal entices you a little more with milestones/achievements that you can complete to receive new skins for your character or weapons. The Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes to mind (because I’ve been playing that recently) that gives you ‘skill points’ for doing obscure challenges that then unlocks concept art, but you don’t need to 100% the game in order to do so.

So my question is: do games make 100% completion rewarding enough? Or is the knowledge itself that you completed it to 100% enough for you? Do you want a reward whether it be a skin, platinum trophy or higher achievement score (or something else)? Or are you content with your ‘~1% of players have this achievement’ note?

Personally, I really enjoy completing a game to 100% purely for the personal achievement that I actually persevered and managed to do it. But sometimes I feel a bit let down by the lack of reward for it, is there much else to do when I’ve literally done everything the game offers and no way to celebrate my achievement?

Either way, we’d love to know your thoughts on the topic, so debate below! I’ll certainly be watching the comments to see what you all have to say.