3D Realms releases video of their cancelled prototypes including SiN 2 and Bombshell FPS

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It seemed like 3D Realms had given up on chewing gum and kicking ass for a while. The renowned developer known mostly for the Duke Nukem franchise, Max Payne, Shadow Warrior and the original Prey (2006), and publishing classic games like Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D, has started to make a comeback recently. Their newest release, Ion Fury, gained a lot of attention thanks to it’s nostalgic throwback of first-person shooters, even using the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D.

But in the wake of the coronavirus, their studio is currently empty since most of the employees were sent home. But Frederik Schreiber, the Vice President of 3D Realms and CEO of Slipgate Ironworks, took the opportunity to go around the office and show off some cancelled prototypes they were working on. Check out the video below if you want to see some footage from their cancelled SiN 2  and Bombshell FPS games!

Note that these are all prototypes, so some of them are nowhere near close enough for a Beta or even Alpha testing stages, they were merely designed to understand the concept of the game and get a general test of how the game would feel playing it. They’re mostly good doses of nostalgia hits though, so if you were really into the classic FPS and platformer games of the early days, then this could be a real treat for some of you. 

Interestingly, 3D Realms has seen a lot more interest for these prototypes now thanks to this video, with some calling for their Motherflakker prototype to be made into reality thanks to some overwhelming positive reception.

What I find interesting is that this may be a new way for developers to be in touch with their audience. Every day we as an audience get closer to the developers themselves and have more ways of showing interest for their games (hello Kickstarter, Early Access etc.). Who knows how many other cancelled prototypes of beloved franchises are out there? Could we see a revival of some of them if the developers released footage of it? Let us know what you think in the discussions below!