L.A. Noire Part Two soundtrack spotted online

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L.A. Noire Part Two might be coming soon… We have some news that points to a hint of the game by way of how we get most leaks these days: a total accident. Part of the soundtrack to what is supposedly the sequel to Rockstar’s breakout investigative detective game, L.A. Noire, was spotted on Youtube. The song was listed under a Youtube channel called “L.A. Noire Part Two – Topic”.

Apparently, Youtube AI will automatically create “Topic” accounts for all sorts of things when they are coming out or have been already released. These Topic accounts have also reportedly leaked many music albums before they were supposed to be released. The channel has since been deleted after someone posted the link to the video online. For reference, here’s a picture of the video’s description:

The description reads:

Provided to YouTube by Take-Two Interactive 

Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder 

The Music of L.A Noire Part Two 

2020 Warner Chappell Music. 

Released on: 2020-03-13

Auto-generated by YouTube.

What’s interesting is that anyone could possibly call themselves Take-Two Interactive, but Warner’s copyright clearance symbol suggests that this was all done legally and not by a fake third-party.

Does this mean we will be getting an L.A. Noire Part Two? Probably, and the fact that the soundtrack has been cleared means that we might not have to wait that long before an announcement.  Could this have something to do with that job posting for an animator at Rockstar? We all thought that it was going to be Grand Theft Auto VI (and let’s face it, we still hope), but it could also be for a second L.A. Noire game? It might also have to do with that other job posting for a video editor, or maybe both job listings were for either games, who knows. Either way it looks like we’re a step closer to getting a second game in the series.

Are you looking forward to L.A. Noire Part Two? What would you like to see? New areas? New characters? An expanded interrogation system? Let us know your thoughts!