New operation for Gears 5 brings a new game mode and fan-favourite characters

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The Gears of War series is a much-loved Xbox franchise, and with it’s move over to PC as well as Xbox One, more players than ever have been able to experience the latest addition by Xbox Game Studios. And now Gears 5 is getting a major new update for all players in Operation 3: Gridiron. With it comes new characters, new maps, a new tour of duty and a brand new game mode: Gridiron.

Fan-favorite Augustus “Cole Train” Cole and Clayton Carmine will be joining the heroes side, whilst Queen Myrrah and her Theron Guard will be joining the Villain’s side. Each character will have their own unique ultimate ability that can dramatically turn the tide of any match. Check out the trailer below for a better look at what’s coming:

So what is Gridiron then? It’s a new mode that pits 5 vs 5 players against each other in a Capture the Flag-style game mode, but in each round all players have only 1 life to make it count, and each map comes with custom weapon placements. Get 2 points for a flag capture, 2 for a kill, or 1 if you’re holding the flag when the timer runs out. First team to 13 points wins the game.

A new map is also being added, Pahanu. It’s a jungle map with a large open swamp in the middle. Fans of the first Gears game might be excited by the return of the map, Canals. Plus Arena and Annex are being added for 2 vs 2 maps.

Of course, the new Tour of Duty brings brand new unlockables to the game. And Xbox achievements are on their way too (and don’t worry, they’ll be retroactively tracked thanks to your previous stats. The full achievement list will be revealed on March 30th.

Gears 5 – Operation 3: Gridiron is available on PC and Xbox One on March 31st.

What do you think of the new operation? Which character are you excited for? Will you be trying out the new game mode? Let us know!