HP making a next-generation VR headset with Valve and Microsoft

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VR is making it’s stamp in the world, after the launch of Half-Life: Alyx it seems like HP is trying to catch the attention of most VR enthusiasts. A new VR headset was listed on the Steam store yesterday, called the “Next Gen HP VR Headset”, with a short teaser video displaying the new HMD. The words “The next generation” and “No compromises” are shown followed by a vague “Coming soon”.

The next generation HP Virtual Reality HMD–developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft–delivers an immersive, comfortable and compatible VR experience. It’s the new standard in VR.

So it looks like HP is aiming to create a new high-quality standard for VR headsets, the speakers on the side look very similar to the Valve Index’s which would mean higher quality audio with more precision on audio positioning. There also seems to be two cameras on the front, and possibly two more on the side, but it’s hard to see in the low light.

HP is also teaming up with both Valve and Microsoft to make this a reality, as Valve helped Microsoft before in order to make Windows Mixed Reality work on SteamVR.

What could this mean for us? Well, the Valve Index is currently one of the most expensive VR headsets you can purchase, which doesn’t make it entirely enticing for consumers to purchase it. Even after the Valve Index went out of stock due to the launch of Half-Life: Alyx, many consumers will probably look towards cheaper options, and with HP’s previous headsets being a good option for those who want a balance of high-quality and price, this new headset could be the best option for those who want it.

With VR becoming more expansive with cheaper ways to dip your toes in the technology, what would you like to see in the new HP headset? How expensive do you think it will be? How much are you willing to pay for it? Let us know!