BioWare is making a new major title from one of their most prestigious franchises

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Mass Effect Andromeda

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As the title suggests, BioWare is currently working on the next major title in one of their “most prestigious franchises” according to a new job posting for a Technical Director at BioWare, and of course, this has sent many online into wild speculation of what this could mean. A new Mass Effect? Probably. A new Jade Empire? Maybe. A new Star Wars game? Most likely not.

Hopefully this will be a revival of the classic Single-Player BioWare game. Dragon Age: Inquisition was really good, which made everyone hopeful for Mass Effect: Andromeda and, well, we all know how that one turned out… And then came Anthem and most of us lost faith in the legendary RPG developers. But what could this new title be?

Well, the fact that it’s one of BioWare’s “most prestigious franchises” can only mean three things: Mass Effect, Dragon Age or Star Wars. We already know that Dragon Age 4 is in development, but we won’t see it until sometime in 2022, so it’s a possibility but not likely. The MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic has still been going strong, although we did come across a rumour that a new “reimagining” of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is in the works, so again it’s a possibility, but not likely. Lastly, it’s most probably a new Mass Effect game, as EA is looking to give the franchise another chance after the disappointment of ME: Andromeda, and if the job posting is asking for someone at the early stages of development, then Dragon Age 4 just wouldn’t make sense.

Interestingly, the job posting is calling for someone who has experience in optimising multiplayer for PC or consoles. Both Dragon Age and Mass Effect recently had multiplayer in their games, and since we haven’t had a single-player KOTOR game in a long time, it’s hard to say whether it would have multiplayer or not.

What do you think? Which franchise is BioWare working on now? Whatever it is, will you be excited? Or have you lost faith in them? Let us know your thoughts!