New Snowrunner trailer reveals more details on gameplay and largest map in franchise

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SnowRunner is shaping up to be quite the improvement on the previous titles, with a larger map, bigger selection of customisation options, and improved missions/map design. The new trailer, Explore. Gear Up. Achieve., has dropped and with it we get a better look at some of the gameplay we’ll experience when the game finally launches next month.

With a huge garage of vehicles to unlock, upgrade, and customize, it’s a veritable trucking RPG-worth of open-world driving, challenging missions, and true-to-life physics simulation. Check out the new trailer Explore. Gear Up. Achieve today and see everything in store when you jump into the driver’s seat next month across massive maps, the largest in franchise history.

The first thing you’ll notice is how big Snowrunner really is, the entire map is 30 Kilometers, and MudRunner only comes in at a measly 8.25 Kilometers in comparison. That’s nearly 4 times the size of the previous game. Not only that, but the map itself will change and react according to your actions, new roads can be unblocked and new bridges can (literally) be built. Towards the late game, you can even connect maps together for long-haul journeys with increased rewards.

Exploration is also highly rewarded, with new upgrades and improvements as well as all new vehicles. You can also customise your trucks to your liking, with new cosmetics and attachments to add to your vehicles, either for an environmental advantage, or just to look cool truckin’.

There’s no restrictions on where you can drive either, routes are entirely determined by you, the player. See a mountain? Well you can drive up there! As long as your truck is fully equipped for the climb and capable of doing it. Many environmental hazards like sharp inclines, raging rivers, and snowbanks are all conquerable provided you have the right gear.

There’s lots more to Snowrunner, including multiplayer so you can all go off-roading together, and probably get stuck together in mud too.

SnowRunner is out on April 28th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What do you think of Snowrunner? Are you excited? Will you be exploring the great, muddy outdoors with some friends? Or will you brave the unforgiving landscapes yourself? Let us know!