Remedy is working on 2 new multiplatform titles with Epic Games

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Remedy Entertainment has been pretty busy recently, after their acclaimed title Control gained overwhelming recognition and won numerous awards. Now, thanks to the new Epic Games Publishing deal, Remedy is working on 2 brand new titles for PC and next-gen consoles to come out in the next few years. One of these is a new AAA title whilst the other is a smaller-scale project.

We’re working on something exciting, something big. With @EpicGames as our publisher, we have incredible resources and full creative freedom. Thrilled about this opportunity. That said, for now that’s all I can tell you. @remedygames” Sam Lake, Writer and Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment, posted on Twitter.

It’s a little bit cryptic if you ask me, luckily he followed that tweet up with another one, giving more details as to what they’re working on:

Working on 2 multiplatform games for next-gen consoles and PC, published by @EpicGames. The 1st project is our most ambitious one yet, an AAA game already in pre-pro. The second is a new, smaller-scale project set in the same franchise. @remedygames” 

I have to say that Control was already quite ambitious, so that statement is quite exciting in it’s own right. What could the new AAA title entail? We’ll just have to wait and see, as there’s currently 2 DLC’s announced for Control which the first one, Control:The Foundation, already launched yesterday so I doubt we’ll hear anything until the second one, Control: AWE, is released.

As for the second, smaller-scale project? It’s not quite revealed yet what he means by “set in the same franchise” and whether that means an already established franchise like Alan Wake, or tied together with the new AAA title.

Alan Wake 2, anyone?

What do you think of the news? What is Remedy’s next big AAA title going to be? And what about that smaller-scale project? With Control’s next DLC possibly featuring Alan Wake, could we see an Alan Wake 2 soon? Let us know your theories!