Valve is launching a Beta 2.0 for Artifact

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Just before Half-Life: Alyx launched and dominated the news, Valve announced that they will be rebooting Artifact, so much so that it was internally dubbed as Artifact 2. In that announcement post however, Valve stated that they would be revealing more information about Artifact’s reboot after the launch of HL: Alyx.

In a new post yesterday, Valve revealed that they are working on a Beta 2.0 for Artifact, with new changes and improvements as well as their current road map for the games official (second) release. They will soon be sending out invites to certain individuals until they eventually release a closed and then open beta, and finally leave the beta and fully launch the rebooted game.

Those invites are prioritized to individuals who bought the game first, prior to this recent Beta 2.0 post. Buying the game now won’t fast-track you into the closed Beta.

Some of the changes they listed were: allowing the players to zoom out and view all three lanes at once whilst still retaining the majority of effects in individual lanes, as well as getting rid of the ability to purchase cards or card packs.

That last one is interesting, as the new version has also revamped and removed some cards, so you won’t necessarily have all the cards you purchased beforehand. Though all cards will now be unlocked through play, so it will be interesting to see how that works out for most players.

Hopefully the new reboot will justify these changes, as Artifact was notoriously not well received upon launch (or, at least, nobody decided to play it). With more people hyped up for Valve after Alyx’s launch, will this new reboot be able to revive the game?

What do you think? Is Artifact worth saving? Are you excited for the Beta 2.0? Let us know!