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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord’s graphic fidelity options are… interesting. Bannerlord is a real improvement in graphics quality compared to its predecessor, Mount and Blade: Warband. But then Warband was released back in March 2010. We see some nice achievable frame rates even for the oldest of gaming PCs in Mount and Blade 2 as long as you lower the graphics settings to Very Low. But the game doesnt look good at that level. But does that matter to you? Lets take a look and find out. Remember to check out our benchmark article to see the types of FPS drops each preset video setting will cost you.

This is quite the contrast when compared to a game like DOOM Eternal, where changing the graphics settings made little to know difference between Low and Ultra settings. But which graphics setting you choose is definitely noticeable in Bannerlord.

As we mentioned, the good news is that this means even lower-end hardware can run Mount and Blade 2 at the bare minimum visuals, but you might have to stare at potatoes with eyes and straw for hair, but you can at least play the game at a stable framerate.

What exactly are the differences between Low and Ultra graphics? Well I’m glad you asked! Here are some Mount and Blade 2 PC Low vs Ultra graphics comparison screenshots.

(slide your cursor over the images to compare. Click to enlarge)

As you can see, the visual difference is clear between the lowest graphics setting and the Very High preset in Mount and Blade 2. Take a look at our benchmark article to see the types of performance costs you get switching between these presets options.

Next lets take a look at the Low versus Ultra screenshots of the overland map you use in Mount and Blade 2 to travel about.

The differences in visuals are clear again. The biggest jump up in visuals happens between Very Low preset graphics option and Low. Anything over Low graphics settings and the game doesnt look horrible. But of course there is an equally big difference in FPS you get when lowering down to Very low graphics settings. Having that option in means even weak performance computers that are getting a bit old can run Mount and Blade 2 in some fashion. Although its not ideal from an aesthetic point of view, its worth remembering that Mount and Blade 2 has a lot of trading and travelling across a simple looking map, so for some its enough just to get to play the game and the Very Low graphics setting has been put in there to allow these old computers to run Bannerlord.

Below you will see the same Mount and Blade 2 scene but comparing Lowest and Medium graphics settings.

And now lets look at the same scene again but with Medium compared to Ultra settings.

Bannerlords Low Vs Ultra graphics settings on the game’s main menu screen

I always like it when games add a menu screen that clearly shows all the graphics settings as you adjust them from the video options menu, before even loading the game. Above you can see the Bannerlord menu screen showing Very High graphics setting (Ultra) and Very Low.

Well, that about covers it for now. Hopefully in conjunction with our other articles you can determine which settings will be right for you. If you’re mostly a 1440p player but you can’t go up to Medium settings, we would recommend dropping the resolution and sticking with High/Very High settings on 1080p. Luckily, Bannerlord comes with a graphics setting for most computers, and you could even drop your resolution below 1080p to get those extra FPS, but most of us should be able to at least play on Medium settings at 1080p with relatively stable performance.

If you would like to see how well the game performs using various graphics cards on the different graphical settings, then check out our Mount and Blade 2 PC Performance Report article. Not sure what each setting is used for? Have a look at our Mount and Blade 2 Graphics Settings article. We hope these have helped you figure out how well your PC will perform when running Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

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