Modern Warfare Multiplayer is free to all Warzone players this weekend

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer will be free for all owners of Call of Duty Warzone this weekend. If you haven’t got the full game but downloaded Warzone, you’ll be able to choose multiplayer from the start menu when launching the game this weekend. Always wanted to check out the multiplayer experience before purchasing the full game? Now’s your chance.

This weekend only, anyone who has free-to-play Warzone can navigate to the Lobby and join the Multiplayer action, FREE. In the Warzone Lobby, you’ll see the ‘Stocked Up, Locked Down’ 24/7 Playlist. Get ready for round-the-clock combat on two original Modern Warfare maps: Atlas Superstore and Shoot House.

And it won’t be restricted either, full access is given to multiplayer including weapon skins and customization, game modes like Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint and more.

If you’ve played Warzone and, like me, are incredibly frustrated at how slow your guns are leveling up to get new attachments, multiplayer will be a good place to get those weapons maxed out. 

All progress made in multiplayer will still be unlocked for play in Warzone even if you don’t purchase the game. On the flip side, if you do decide to purchase the full game, all progress made will still carry over to multiplayer.

Campaign and Special Ops are not included however.

The free weekend starts at 10am PT today (April 3rd) and ends at 10am PT on April 6th.

What do you think of the free weekend? Will you be playing Modern Warfare’s multiplayer? Let us know!