The best of April Fools day 2020 in gaming

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It’s April Fools day! The time where everyone is confused about what’s real and what’s fake. Sometimes a good April Fools joke can be so outlandish that you instantly know it’s not real, but you find it funny anyway. Others can be particularly nasty devils with just enough of this-could-possibly-be-real to make you second-guess your own personal judgement. But today we had some good ol’ fashioned lighthearted romps rather than straight up ‘pranks’.

Many were calling for April Fools day to be cancelled this year, but I think we all need a bit of lighthearted fun at the moment to lift our spirits. We’ve had a good chuckle at some of the April Fools jokes today, including making our own (guess which one that is!), but here’s a good list of some of our favorites from today:

For Honor

In a game about semi-grand scale battles, Ubisoft decided to take the smaller approach… Literally with For Honor: Tiny Edition. There’s something immensely satisfying about watching an overly-tiny character holding an overly-giant sword, it’s just like Dark Souls! But just look at those little feet go!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty has had its fair share of small maps, from Rust to Nuketown, everyone knows their favorite small-scale map. That’s why today Call of Duty has released a new game mode for Shipment, the extremely small map built for close encounters has gotten a 10v10 game mode. Yep, that’s right, it’s exactly as it sounds… absolute mayhem.

I wasn’t able to find a good video of it as of writing this, but check out the link above which should take you to a tweet showing off some of the carnage.

Zombie Army Trilogy

Rebellion is not new to the idea of an April Fools day prank, but this year they went with something a little bit more light. Following in the footsteps of Dark Souls 3 back in 2013, Rebellion decided to try and port over their game into a slightly older console…

Platinum Games

Ever since Platinum Games announced their new studio and revealed the Wonderful 101 remaster, they’ve been teasing that they have a total of 4 new projects. Since the first 3 were revealed we’ve been wondering what the 4th one is, and it’s finally here… Maybe, I think? It’s a trailer… so possibly. But it’s on April fools day… so it’s a joke, right? Probably… Or is it?


Even Crytek got in on the goofs today. Many fans have been begging for a remaster recently, and to their delight, Crytek updated both their facebook and official website with a new and improved Nomad suit from Crysis in glorious modern-day HD graphics. Except, when you inspect the site’s code, a curious Meta tag pops up called “April Fool” so, you know, it’s probably a joke. Hopefully not, but it probably is. Maybe. Please don’t be?


I had to save one of the best for one of the last, but Overwatch has outdone pretty much everyone in simplicity but also reward, because it’s simply never not funny and never gets old. What have they done? They’ve added googly eyes to every character. Yes, googly eyes. Blizzard, please keep this one? I don’t want it to go away…

Oh and don’t think for a second that Hanzo’s Dragon got left out…


Lastly, this one got me good, because it pretty much became a reverse-April Fools prank on me. When I saw that headline and the first minute or so of the trailer I thought “Hey, that’s pretty fun, good one PUBG” and then I scrolled down to see an endless list of updates and actual information, only to find out that this a real, yes REAL, game mode coming to the popular Battle Royale game. So yeah, thought it was fake, turned out to be real, so it was a reverse-April Fools prank, yeah? How many of you unashamedly also thought the same?

So those were the best ones we knew about so far! Do let us know if you spotted any yourself as I’m sure we missed a few! Happy April Fools!