Tame Pets and join a new faction in the Sea of Thieves April update

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Sea of Thieves has had an interesting run recently, joining the likes of No Mans Sky in garnering a large, dedicated audience after a rocky launch. After recently celebrating the Sea of Thieves 2 year anniversary, more players have signed up to become Pirate Scallywags (is that something that Pirates say?), but the new April monthly update brings many features that players have been wanting for a long time… Pets! Oh, and a new faction and the ability to revive downed players.

So obviously the most important feature being introduced are pets, though to be honest the only ones available right now are cats, but I’ll be calling mine ‘Sea Dog’ thank you very much (at least until actual dogs are introduced). Feline companions can now join you on travels and, of course, you can pet the widdle kitties. There is also now a new faction to be joined that focuses more on PvP encounters, as well as the addition of being able to revive players who have been downed, instead of the instant plunge onto the Flying Dutchman.

So there’s quite a few gameplay changes as well that seems to focus more on competitive PvP play. Whether that’s good or bad for you, most of the community on Sea of Thieves have been asking for more PvP rewards as well as more reasons to do so. Treasure maps are gone in arena mode, replaced with a new single chest that has been marked by a beacon for all players to see, which should result in more hectic battles occurring in the PvP mode for Sea of Thieves Arena.

As usual, there will be more customization options available including skins for characters and ships.

The new Sea of Thieves April update, Ships of Fortune, will be available on April 22nd. The game is available now on PC for Xbox Games Pass and will be coming to Steam shortly.

What do you think of the new update? Will you be jumping into the arena? What do you think of the cats? And how has Sea of Thieves improved over the years for you?