Find out how Honey shrunk the kids in the new Story Trailer for Grounded

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After a while of short updates and little teasers of gameplay, we finally have a Story trailer for Obsidian’s Grounded, a honey-I-shrunk-the-kids-style survival game. We had little details of what would be included within the game in terms of features and mechanics, but the story was never fully revealed.

What Obsidian excels at with most of their games is, of course, the story, and the stark contrast between light-hearted fun and the deep realization that something’s not right. From Fallout: New Vegas’ mutant politics, to the overly-eccentric corporate capitalism in The Outer Worlds, and now Grounded takes the plunge with an adorable environment that stars innocent children as they are nearly eaten alive by giant bugs. Check out the trailer below for a peek at the story on offer:

So of course there’s the usual Obsidian charm by way of the robot NPC name BURG.L, who will help you on your quest to growing big and give hints for when you’re stuck. Obsidian also has an uncanny knack for making trailers these days that make the games seem really epic in scale. Grounded will also involve both singleplayer and multiplayer so you can brave the backyard by yourself, or with your friends.

Crafting is shown off again as well as some biomes. But a new addition is the reveal of some unknown organization/entity that has been here before, known as ‘Ominent’ (my guess is a mix between the words ominous and imminent, which doesn’t scream subtle to me). Special secrets are hidden throughout the map that may give way to a separate story that coincides with the main narrative.

Nevertheless, it seems that Obsidian hasn’t received any of the hundreds of emails that I’ve been sending them recently, as you can see that spiders are still in the game. Fortunately there’s an arachnophobia mode, but they still look terrifying as hell in the trailer.

Grounded will release on Xbox Game Preview on July 28th for Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox One, whilst the official release is scheduled for some time in 2021.

What do you think of Grounded? Does the story look interesting? Will you be trying it out when it comes to Xbox Game Pass? How does it compare to other survival games? Let us know!