The PlayStation 5 controller has officially been revealed – all the details so far


PlayStation have officially unveiled the first look at their new ‘DualSense’ PS5 controller, which brings a heap of new designs and features for the next-gen console. Revealing the details on their official PlayStation blog, the new two-toned design and features mark a radical departure from their previous designs that will bring increased immersion to players, aiming for the controller to be “an extension of themselves.

I mean, just looking at the controller shows how different it is from the previous console generation’s PS4 controller. It’s slightly bigger, more rounded and, of course, white. Though PlayStation has not been afraid of the colour white in the past, making all-white consoles and controllers before, but for the mainline PS5 controller this is definitely a bold move for the company, as their main signature colour for a while has been black.

But there are very interesting features here. As stated, the new PlayStation 5 controller is aimed at increasing immersion in games whilst building upon what they had already developed for the PS4 controller. The obvious change is the bigger touchpad which takes up a lot more room on the front of the controller, with the light bar having been moved to the edges of the touchpad to add variation to the two-toned colour design.

There is also now an in-built microphone, for when you just want a quick conversation with friends, though PlayStation still recommends a headset for those longer conversations in parties. The concave analog sticks make a return, but the signature PlayStation button has also been changed to a sleeker design, getting rid of the circular button in place of an embossed logo. 

But one of the more standout features are the new “adaptive” triggers. PlayStation stated that they wanted to increase immersion for players by introducing more haptic feedback, which includes the standard ‘rumble’ of the controller, but the new adaptive triggers can actually simulate tension like, as PlayStation put it, “drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.

Lastly, instead of the popular share button there is now the new ‘create’ button. Not much has been detailed about this and PlayStation are acting a bit coy about it for now, but promised that it is “pioneering new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world” and that new details on this feature will be revealed closer to launch.

The blog post ends with a quote from the SIE President & CEO Jim Ryan thanking the PlayStation community but, more importantly, said that the PlayStation 5’s console design will be revealed “in the coming months.” Judging by the design of the new controller, my guess is that they will go with the two-tone design on the console as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think of the new controller? How do you feel about the design? And the two-tone colour? What do you think will be included in the new ‘create’ button? And what will the new console look like? Let us know your thoughts!