Stadia is free for everyone for the next 2 months


Cloud gaming is a hot topic at the moment, not only do we have all sorts of services coming out including Xbox’s Project xCloud, but there’s also been a lot of controversy surrounding GeForce Now recently. Though Stadia has had it’s fair share of controversy too, and it seems like Google is trying to get more people on board to use their cloud gaming platform through a special promotion due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re facing some of the most challenging times in recent memory. Keeping social distance is vital, but staying home for long periods can be difficult and feel isolating. Video games can be a valuable way to socialize with friends and family when you’re stuck at home, so we’re giving gamers in 14 countries free access to Stadia for two months.

Anyone can sign up for a Stadia Pro membership right now with access to 9 free games including: GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection (which includes all the DLC), Serious Sam Collection, Thumper, and the rest being various indie games. Amazingly, If you decide to purchase a game through their store you’ll still be able to play it even if you cancel your subscription. Additionally, if you are already a Stadia Pro subscriber, you’ll get the next 2 months free of charge.

They will also be rolling out new ways to combat bandwidth load, as more and more people at home results in higher internet traffic. For that, Stadia will be reducing the default screen resolution from 4K to 1080p.

So if you were on the fence about Stadia, now is maybe your chance to test it out (just set yourself a reminder to cancel your subscription in 2 months time). Since it’s free, then why the hell not?

Will you be trying out Stadia? Have you been using the service recently? What do you think of it in its current state? Let us know!