Jill Valentine is playable in Resident Evil Resistance as of next week – Roadmap revealed

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The Resident Evil 3 Remake has just released, and along with it came the asymmetric multiplayer game, Resident Evil Resistance. Whilst it didn’t exactly launch with huge success, Capcom is working on new updates and features to add to the game, and have recently revealed a roadmap for the coming months.

The announcement comes via Twitter and reads: “Brave survivors and sinister masterminds: Take a peek at our Resident Evil Resistance title roadmap. Jill Valentine will be available as a survivor starting April 17th, but rest assured that more content is coming over the next few months!

Who could that mystery character be? Well we have no idea, but many are taking to Social Media to guess who it could be when the character comes to RE Resistance in May. Some have guessed characters from the Resident Evil franchise like Leon Kennedy, Albert Wesker or Chris Redfield. Whilst some have called for characters from other Capcom titles like Frank West from Dead Rising. And what’s that teased for “Under Construction”? A new map? Maybe a new mode?

It’s unclear if the mystery character is a fellow survivor or a new mastermind. But, judging by the reaction of the game from fans, Capcom will have to work on several other features and improvements to get more positive feedback and a more dedicated player base (it currently only has 59% of positive reviews on Steam). Since release, Resident Evil Resistance had an all-time peak of 4,181 concurrent players and has steadily declined with an average of around 2,000 players. That’s hardly anywhere near top chart numbers, with Dead by Daylight reaching more than 15 times that amount of concurrent players on average.

Will Capcom be able to revive Resident Evil Resistance? What do you think of it? Will it see a bigger surge in players and a comeback much like other multiplayer titles that didn’t do well at launch? Only time will tell, but let us know your thoughts on the matter!