Rocket League is getting a brand new limited-time game mode called Heatseeker

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Rocket League is still one of the most played games on Steam, averaging at around 50,000 concurrent players in the last 30 days, it consistently hits the top charts with a peak of around 90,000 players. Because of that, we get lots of interesting content that comes to the game in the form of limited time modes, the newest one being Heatseeker Mode!

Players will have to think quickly in this new, fast-paced game mode that sees the ball automatically seeking the opponent’s goal. But that’s not all… Every hit increases the ball’s speed, so the end of rounds will see frantic action as teams try to score and defend with an extremely fast target. Check out the trailer below for a little taste of the action:

Anyone heard of Lethal League? That game had a similar premise where each hit would increase the ball’s speed, so this new mode kind of reminds me of that. Luckily the ball isn’t lethal in Rocket League so it shouldn’t be too terrifying at least. But I for one look forward to the new mode as a reason to get back into the game, I never thought I would miss hearing those klaxons so much.

The new limited-time mode will see teams of 3 battle it out against each other, the first team to score 7 goals, regardless of how long it takes, wins the match.

Rocket League Heatseeker Mode begins on April 16th and will leave on April 20th, so get on board quick because the mode won’t be around for long!

What do you think of the new mode? Does it look interesting to you? Have you been playing Rocket League recently? Let us know!