21 minutes of early Grounded gameplay shows off crafting, combat and exploration

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Grounded is that one game that I think quite a few of us are interested in seeing, it’s Obsidian’s own survival game about shrunk drown teens trying to live in the back garden. Usually this is where I would cue the obvious Honey I Shrunk the Kids joke, but now that I think about it, this game has a lot more to do with Lord of Flies, or maybe I’m just looking too deep into things.

Anyway, Xbox recently unveiled a gameplay video showing off 21 minutes of Grounded Single Player with commentary from one of the developers. We got the story trailer last week, so now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty gameplay that shows off some of the crafting, combat and exploration you will find in Obsidian’s Grounded.

Bear in mind that this is still a very early representation of the game, and so many features and design choices may change. That said, it’s still pretty impressive right now (but be warned: there are spiders in this demo).

So apart from the terrifying giant spiders, the world looks very interesting to explore. Neat little design features here and there really show off how much thought and passion Obsidian is putting into this project. Building and crafting looks a bit clumsy but that kind of stuff will be ironed out in Early Access feedback.

Grounded will be releasing an Early Access version on July 28th for Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox Game Preview on the Xbox One. There is no specific release date for the full game yet, but we can expect the final version some time in 2021.

What do you think of the gameplay? Are you interested? How much do you hate spiders? What do you think looks good? And what do you think needs to be improved? Let us know your thoughts!