Steam Game Festival returns this Summer – try upcoming demos in the comfort of your own home


After the successful launch of Steam’s Game Festival in Spring, it looks like it will be back again for Summer this year. Steam’s Game festival launched last year alongside The Game Awards, and then following the cancellation of GDC, launched again last month to showcase some of the indie games that would have been shown at the convention. Now, presumably because of other major conventions that were planned for summer, such as E3 2020, the Steam Game Festival will be returning in June of this year.

The announcement comes from a Steamworks Documentation page on Marketing (Steamworks is a website for helping developers get the most out of publishing on Steam), which details a new Steam Game Festival event to happen this Summer.

The Steam Game Festival is an event that shines a spotlight on games releasing in the next year. From June 9th – 14th, game developers have the opportunity to show off their upcoming releases to a global audience, giving gamers on Steam the chance to try them out, learn more, and add them to their wishlist!

So expect more games and demos this Summer to be available for free. These will mostly be upcoming releases of games that aren’t out yet, that players would have been able to demo at major conventions this year if they weren’t cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic currently going on. It’s most beneficial for indie developers as these conventions were a way of reaching large audiences to test out their games, but since everybody’s self-isolating at home this year, the demos will now be coming to you.

Are you excited for the next Steam Game Festival this summer? Did you take part in the previous one? What demos did you try and which games are you hoping to try out with this one? Let us know!