Prepare for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Crysis is most likely going to get a remaster soon

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In the grand scheme of ‘April Fools Jokes that turned out to not be a joke’, there’s not really a whole lot of them, but those that don’t turn out to be an April Fools joke usually reach some form of notoriety for double tricking an already trick-aware audience on a day about tricking people… look it gets complicated, but the point is we might be getting a Crysis remake soon.

First reported in our Best of April Fools day 2020 article, the official Crysis website right now has an image of Nomad in glorious high definition under some moody flashing lights, prepared as if he’s about to, I don’t know, jump out of a plane onto a lonely island full of North Korean soldiers and deadly, technologically advanced aliens. That’s just a guess though.

Looking deeper through the website’s code we can find the message “April Fools” tagged with the image, so it was pretty clear that Crytek was just messing with us… Or were they? No, it definitely was an April Fools joke… Or was it? Okay I’ll stop now… Or will I?

So it all looked to be a sick joke that toyed with our emotions, but that was the end of it, right? Wrong. Crytek has been dropping small hints for something new in the Crysis world on their official Twitter page, which hasn’t seen a single tweet on the account since 2016. I say hints, but they’re more just like cryptic messages to be honest:

The first tweet was 2 days ago which stated: “RECEIVING DATA”, which could have just been a fun little message after being so inactive on the Twitter page for so long. But then, just under a day ago, another message popped up saying: “Hey Nomad, you’re still with us?”, which is the first line of dialogue told to the player at the start of the first game. Whilst many have been speculating whether this is a tease of Crysis 4, this last line almost certainly confirms that, if anything, this will be a remaster of the first game.

So whilst there isn’t any concrete info yet, the fact that the Twitter page is posting semi-regularly now means that we’ll surely hear something soon, possibly, I hope. With all the remakes and remasters recently raking in loads of money, it would be stupid to not do a remaster of the cult first person shooter. But if a remaster is in fact coming, it’s probably a good time to upgrade for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.

What do you guys think? Will we be seeing a remaster of the first Crysis game? Are you excited if it’s true? Let us know!